Featured by the International Standard and International Standards in the automotive industry from IMQ

  Manufacturer of various types of bolts and screws for oil, gas and petrochemical industries, structures,

automobiles, household appliances, all special screws with all grades

The celebration of the factory’s opening day was started by vice president of iran in 2004 while members of parliament , governor and high ranking authorities of ghom county also attended the celebration . the thirde phase of the development took plase in 2006 by opening next factory ,shokoh pitch novin for heat treatment and different coatings of fasteners and parts in cludinf zinc flake ( document ) galvanized and phosphate coatings .

Having professional labor force , technology of production mechanic and high accuracy testing facilities and laboratory in our servis the major automobile prodicing factories and other local industries were targeted and persuaded to be in our long list of customers and in a very short time we could won a high position in the fasteners industry using the proper technology , Pitch Eshpil Iran industrial group started its activities in cotter pin production industry in 1984 by making a couple of research orka a year later , it was able to design and produce cotter pin production machines in a single process . it came true by the management of the group as a unique development in the world’s cotter pin in dustry . the invention has been registered in the management name .

right from the beginning the management policy has been basecal on produsing quality oriented products too meet the needs and require ments of the standarols and the customers . following the policy , the seconf phase of the development led to stablish pitch eshpil iran factory to produce different kinds of bolts and nuts both for automotive industry and others the opening of the factory was celebrated and which has always been getting better and higher since the in resipest to yhe sam policy , the management systems to be practiced in the whole organization and he has always belived that the group can keep  the developing process for ever by practicing and applying the most suitable quality management system in the production plan and program .